"Creation and Destruction"
"Future and Past"
"Harmony and Discord"
Eyewear embodying ambivalent values.

Product Concept

Made in Sabae is the foundation.

Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, accounts for approximately 95% of domestic and about 20% global eyeglass frame manufacturing. Its origin traces back over a century ago when eyeglasses were crafted as side job by farmers living in the snow-covered region. From there, the art of eyeglass manufacturing spread to the region. While competing for skills with the persistent craftmanship, the entire city transformed into a significant production hub , functioning like one massive factory. In the 1980s, Sabae achieved a groundbreaking success by becoming the world's first producer of titanium frames, setting a global standard with its technology. The eyeglasses made in Sabae are renowned for their precision, delicacy, and versatile aesthetics founded on techniques built up continuously and uncompromising craftsmanship.


Yoshinori AOYAMA

2004 EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR Winner (Tokyo)
2013 SILMO D'OR Sunglasses Award Winner(Paris)
2015 SILMO D’OR Special Jury Award Winner(Paris)
2016 A' DESIGN AWARD Winner(Italy)
2018 Collaboration model announcement with LEXUS
2020 iF DESIGN AWARD Winner (Germany)
2023 Used as a costume for Beyonce's world tour in 2023
In October, Launch of YOSHINORI AOYAMA


401 la luce, 3-6-5 ,Oote, Fukui-shi,
Fukui 910-0005 Japan